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Canon's Headquarters

Location: Reigate

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The Canon Group decided to construct its new corporate headquarters on a hillside to the south of Reigate. The building consists of three blocks set in a staggered row with a large atrium at the centre of two of them. The main reception consists of a light brick clad structure with large areas of glass. Immediately outside the main reception there is a long rectangular mirror pool which is stocked with Koi carp. There is a second much smaller feature which runs at a right angel to the main pool. The water from this smaller pool falls from the podium into an informal rock pool and then flows into a large concrete underground storage tank. The water supply to the large reflecting pool returns via a large pipe to the same fall back tank. The main water supply is then drawn out of the tank by means of a single large pump and returned to the two pools.

In the plant room there is a water treatment system which consists of a UV steriliser and a large sand filter. The water is propelled through this equipment by means of a single filter pump. The control panel is located on the wall of this underground chamber. The quality of the environment in the plant room is maintained by means of a ventilation fan and a thermostatically controlled heater.

At the end of the main reflecting pool there is a large biological filter filled with Lytag granules which digests the fish waste.

In a secluded area adjacent to the restaurant at the centre of the site there is a small pool some 4m square with a large boulder at its centre. Water trickles onto the surface of the boulder from a spout which projects from the wall of the building. The pump, sand filter and UV steriliser which maintains the quality of the water in this pool is located immediately adjacent to the pool in a cupboard. This pool is now used as a nursery for fish fry that are collected from the large reflecting pool.

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