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Cascade Centre

Location: Portsmouth

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The Cascades shopping centre is based around a large central enclosed square. Two layers of retail open onto the space but the atrium rises up another four stories through the car park to the roof above. The floor of the atrium is the food court. To link this space with the retail levels above a very special feature was required.

On one wall of the lower food court there is a droplet cascade. This was formed by producing a stainless steel trough which is bolted to the edge of the floor slab. This trough was drilled with hundreds of holes through which small nozzles were screwed. Water is spread along the length of the trough by means of a sparge pipe. The water then drips from the trough through the nozzles in a cascade.

The trough at the bottom of the cascade is lined with multicoloured insitu GRP. Creating complex colours in GRP is a special skill that Hydrotechnology has developed over the years. The wall behind the feature is backed with mirror to give the effect of looking through a waterfall.

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