water treatment Water feature designers and contractors

:: plumbing
:: nozzle design
:: specialist metalwork
:: spillways
:: pneumatic control systems
:: hydraulic control systems
:: sound and water shows
:: fire and water shows
:: aquaria and zoo exhibits
:: artificial rock work
:: lights
:: waterproof membranes
:: decorative finishes
:: water treatment
:: fish and aquatic plants

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Case Studies

Canon's Headquarters
The Canon Group decided to construct its new corporate headquarters on a hillside to the south of Reigate. The building consists of three blocks set in a staggered row with a large atrium at the centre of two of them.

Cascade Centre
The Cascades shopping centre is based around a large central enclosed square. Two layers of retail open onto the space but the atrium rises up another four stories through the car park to the roof above.

Dormeuil House
Dormeuil House is located close to Trafalgar Square, London. It is a seven storey building with an atrium at the centre. The architect commissioned a sculpture for the centre of the space and wanted it to be set into a pool of water and to be surrounded by a mist.

Grand Building
Grand Buildings is a speculative office block standing on the corner of Northumberland Avenue and Trafalgar square. At the centre of the building there is an atrium and at the foot of the atrium there is a circular pool, surrounded by a range of tropical plants.

The Great Northern Experience
The history of Manchester is closely linked with the railways. The great Northern terminus was scheduled for redevelopment and the first part consisted of redeveloping the section which was closest to the city centre.

The shopping centre was built on the side of a lake in a disused chalk pit adjacent to the Dartford Crossing. The centre is a linear structure with a large central node and two secondary nodes there being one at each end.

The McDonalds chain of fast food store operate a hierarchy of designs. The store in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne was of the highest level. It was therefore decided that a water feature was needed in the centre of the space to shorten the....

The Octagon Centre
The Octagon Centre is located in the middle of High Wycombe and has retail units on two floors. At the centre of the development there is a open courtyard with a glass dome over the top.

Pinners Hall
Designed by the Fitzroy Robinson Partnership as a speculative building the building has a floor area of 135,000 sq ft. on seven floors. The deep site led to the main offices being centred on an atrium.

Royal Victoria Place
At the centre of Tunbridge wells there is a large retail development. At the centre of the development there is a food court glass roof. At one end there is a powerful water feature with the water passing through four pools via smooth granite spillways.

Sony's Headquarters
To the front of Sonys headquarters there are three lakes set in landscape which was master planned and detailed by Technical Landscapes. In the largest of the lakes there is a fountain that was designed and manufactured by Hydrotechnology.

Vicarage Fields
At the centre of Barking there is a shopping centre. To optimise the rentals on the retail units there are two entrances one of which feeds each of the two levels. These two circulation systems meet in a large glazed central space.

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