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Dormeuil House

Location: Golden Square, London

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Dormeuil House is located close to Trafalgar Square, London. It is a seven storey building with an atrium at the centre. The architect commissioned a sculpture for the centre of the space and wanted it to be set into a pool of water and to be surrounded by a mist. However due to the apprehension of legionnaires disease and the concerns that there were about noise it was necessary to devise special nozzles that created a coarse mist which quickly settled but without noise. This requirement took months of work but ultimately was very successful. To make the surface of the water choppy eight upward pointing underwater nozzles were cast into the slab.

The pool was formed insitu in concrete and lined with insitu GRP. The outside of the pool was finished in perforated stainless steel panels which were held in place by special metal brackets. The base of the pool was covered in epoxy bonded cobbles.

The presence of a piece of sculpture at the base of the atrium meant that uplighting was required. However conventional luminaires could not be used as they would have dazzled people who looked down from the higher floors. As a result some lamps were placed inside the lumiaires themselves and others were mounted in very tall custom made luminaries which had vanes inside them to avoid any light spillage. Due to the special requirements of this project special 250 watt 6 volt narrow beam lamps were used.

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