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Location: West Thurrock

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The shopping centre was built on the side of a lake in a disused chalk pit adjacent to the Dartford Crossing. The centre is a linear structure with a large central node and two secondary nodes there being one at each end.

Hydrotechnology were commissioned to install a three level droplet cascade in the central square. The water descended from level three to level two and then into one of the three pools that are to be found on the ground floor. The plant room is located under the ground floor where a full water treatment system is located.

At the North and South End of the building there are two rectangular raised features with linear spray lines down each side.

In the car park to the East there is a circular pool which contains a battery of nozzles and a large number of lights.

In the lake to the west of the building there is a floating fountain which has a fifty foot tall multiple plume of water.

Hydrotechnology produced three internal features, one external pool and a floating fountain to original design concepts produced by Chapman Taylor and Partners.

Two of the internal features are rectangular pools with curved jets. The large central feature has a two-storey cascade and nine large foaming jets. The external feature has concentric rows of nozzles that together produce a single block of foam. At night sequential lights produce an ever-changing effect.

The floating fountain in the lake is probably the largest ever installed in Britain with two pumps that have a combined loading of 50kw and again, coloured sequenced lights.

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