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Pinners Hall

Location: The City of London

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Designed by the Fitzroy Robinson Partnership as a speculative building the building has a floor area of 135,000 sq ft. on seven floors. The deep site led to the main offices being centred on an atrium. Technical Landscapes were appointed as interior landscape designers. Planting is at every floor edge with one wall stepping down the full height of the atrium as a series of terraces. At second, first and ground floor levels a series of pools cascade from one to the other. At ground level the water drop is down an artificial rock wall, which is visible from the building entrance.

The stepping of the terraces means that offices are located directly under the water features. As a result water tightness was of major concern so a layer of GRP between 10 and 15mm thick was laid. The spillways to the pools were carved from slabs of Alberga granite.

The rockwork for the pools and the ground floor is completely artificial. Quarry stone was unsuitable because it would have looked like a rockery. Artificial stone panels were taken from moulds cast on to the face of real cliffs in Arizona. These were wired to a stainless steel frame which was bolted to the rear wall of the atrium and fixed in place with a sand cement mortar. The gaps between the panels was filled with mortar which was shaped with small rubber moulds and sculpting tools. When this elaborate and painstaking task was complete the wall was scrubbed down and allowed to dry. Fourteen coats of paint were then applied to give an appearance that is more realistic than nature can provide.

The pools are fed by a stainless steel pipe which runs up the building from a 12m3 tank in the basement. The tank is needed to accommodate the water which flows back when the system is switched off at night. There is a full water treatment system.

The plants were selected by Technical Landscape in Florida and installed following a long acclimatisation process.

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