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Royal Victoria Place

Location: Tunbridge Wells

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At the centre of Tunbridge wells there is a large retail development. At the centre of the development there is a food court glass roof. At one end there is a powerful water feature with the water passing through four pools via smooth granite spillways. To create a powerful effect, large volumes of water are moved. At each level the supply is boosted to maintain an even appearance even though the weirs increase markedly in width. However, the quality of the installation is so high that even if the filter pump operates by itself the water still falls as a perfect curtain.

The pool are lined with insitu GRP which was coloured to match the granite spillways. Although the main bulk of the central feature was finished in waterproof render those areas that are subjected to spray are coating in cream insitu GRP which matches the rendering.

The system has a full water treatment system that is collocated with the main pump in the basement.

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