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:: plumbing
:: nozzle design
:: specialist metalwork
:: spillways
:: pneumatic control systems
:: hydraulic control systems
:: sound and water shows
:: fire and water shows
:: aquaria and zoo exhibits
:: artificial rock work
:: lights
:: waterproof membranes
:: decorative finishes
:: water treatment
:: fish and aquatic plants

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Sony's Headquarters

Location: Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey

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To the front of Sonys headquarters there are three lakes set in landscape which was master planned and detailed by Technical Landscapes. In the largest of the lakes there is a fountain that was designed and manufactured by Hydrotechnology. To avoid the movement that is associated with floating fountains, the unit stands on a steel frame. A 35kw submersible pump draws water through two large strainers and delivers the water to a large pod nozzle and four foaming jets. The fountain is illuminated at night.

The two main lakes are over 2.5m deep and the water quality is very high. A range of fish thrive in the lakes which are used by the Environment Agency as a supply of new fish for stocking rivers in the South East.

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