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The Great Northern Experience

Location: Manchester

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The history of Manchester is closely linked with the railways. The great Northern terminus was scheduled for redevelopment and the first part consisted of redeveloping the section which was closest to the city centre. The area now contains a two storey wine bar the lowest part of which lies half a storey below the ground and which abuts an amphitheatre for theatrical performances. To soften the view from within the lower storey of the wine bar a water wall some 30m long was created. To resolve a change in levels and the need to complete the feeling of enclosure within the amphitheatre a stepped cascade was also along the side of the amphitheatre. The equipment is located in a plant room at the end of the wine bar.

Each pool is serviced by its own pump and a water treatment system. Each pool has its own filter pump, a sand filter and a water dosing system which consists of a computerised water dosing system which introduces bromine to raise the redox potential of the water and sodium bisulphite to lower the pH of the water.

The basic structure was formed in reinforced concrete which was coated with insitu GRP before it was clad in Granite.

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