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The Octagon Centre

Location: High Wycombe

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The Octagon Centre is located in the middle of High Wycombe and has retail units on two floors. At the centre of the development there is a open courtyard with a glass dome over the top. There are two escalators that links the ground to the first floor. Under the escalators there is an octagonal pool surrounded by a trough into which the upper pool discharges. The water flows over a 25m long granite spillway. The outside of the pool is softened by a ring of plants.

Due to the limitations that were placed on the development before Hydrotechnology it was possible to place the water treatment and topping up systems in an adjacent cupboard but the main recirculation pumps had to be hidden in a chamber attached to the lower trough. Two stainless steel 3.5kW submersible pumps lift the water from the lower trough to the main pool. In the plant room a full computerised chemical dosing and pH control system complements a UV steriliser.

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