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Vicarage Fields

Location: Barking, East London

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At the centre of Barking there is a shopping centre. To optimise the rentals on the retail units there are two entrances one of which feeds each of the two levels. These two circulation systems meet in a large glazed central space. A water feature was used to link these two spaces together.

On the upper level there was a foodcourt and in this area there is a semicircular pool which contains four bell nozzles. Some of the water then flows over a large shell spillway in fingers into the pool on the lower level. The rest of the water returns via a hidden pipe. Powerful uplighters shining through the falling water heightens the excitement of the space.

The pool on the lower level is formal but contains five large foaming jets each of which is illuminated with PAR 56 luminaires. The water treatment equipment and pumps are located in a plant room which is located underneath the ground floor of the main shopping areas.

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