water treatment Water feature designers and contractors

:: plumbing
:: nozzle design
:: specialist metalwork
:: spillways
:: pneumatic control systems
:: hydraulic control systems
:: sound and water shows
:: fire and water shows
:: aquaria and zoo exhibits
:: artificial rock work
:: lights
:: waterproof membranes
:: decorative finishes
:: water treatment
:: fish and aquatic plants

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What We Do

We are multidisciplinary designers and fabricators; consequentially we have a wide variety of skills and expertise in-house.

Design - Fluid engineering blended with art

We place a great deal of importance on the initial design phase of a project. This is where the parameters are established and clients' objectives interpreted. Our design process is based on proven scientific and engineering principles. In fact, we have transferred technology to water feature design, which has never been applied before.

Our scientific and technical knowledge combined with award winning design delivers world-class solutions.

Many of our projects are architectural. We have developed excellent working practices with external design and contracting teams, necessitated both by our degree of specialism and increasing management and contracting complexity.

Many of our schemes require the involvement of our sister company Technical Landscapes; enabling us to provide fully integrated 'wet and dry' landscape solutions.

Our work encompasses soft solutions as well as architectural and engineered ones. Our design teams have been responsible for creating much of the science behind today's ecological design and management of natural systems - for example water treatment systems using organic materials to meet the highest possible purity standards.

Construction & Management

Good design is often let down by poor implementation. Not in our case. All of our unique components are manufactured by Hydrotechnology and tested thoroughly at our workshops.

Water features are unique in every detail. They are also totally workmanship-dependent. We use our own staff to design them - and to build them. We only produce high quality, well-engineered products.

Cost and project management are constant throughout our projects. We pride ourselves in keeping a tight rein on both cost and programme for our clients. We trust that our design philosophy will meet your project objectives.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us