water treatment Water feature designers and contractors

:: plumbing
:: nozzle design
:: specialist metalwork
:: spillways
:: pneumatic control systems
:: hydraulic control systems
:: sound and water shows
:: fire and water shows
:: aquaria and zoo exhibits
:: artificial rock work
:: lights
:: waterproof membranes
:: decorative finishes
:: water treatment
:: fish and aquatic plants

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Welcome to Hydro Technology

Hydrotechnology produce only high quality well engineered products backed by innovative designs. As a result we have few competitors in the world. We are always pleased to help clients and designers. We give good value for money and produce high quality work which will last for generations with minimal maintenance.

Water is a dynamic ever changing element which can be used to compliment and enhance architecture and landscape. Its sight and sound can transform any setting into a stimulating environment. At Hydrotechnology we specialise in creating interesting novelty effects with water.

Due to the complexity of such features our range of skills not only includes plumbing but all those skills that are needed to create a total effect. The need to encompass so many skills means that we have established multi-disciplinary design and construction teams who work together to create high quality features. By offering a full service from concept to commissioning we are able to remove the uncertainty from a contract.

Design Approach

We always prepare a range of preliminary options to help establish design parameters. These help to define the possibilities which are available. After discussing the alternatives with our clients a single option is selected and worked through to a conclusion.

All our designs are based on proven scientific and engineering principles. We have transferred technology to water features which has never been applied before. Scientific and technical knowledge linked with high quality designs have been forged into an extremely dynamic combination.

Many of our projects are located in office blocks and shopping centres and are very Architectural. With our experience of large building projects we are well placed to interact with designers and sub-contractors.

As well as specialists in engineering our design team includes landscape architects which means that we are able to produce soft solutions to engineering problems.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us